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Internet access is an integral part of business today. Spidar delivers fast, secure connections, with a range of products will cover your business needs whether you are a small business or a large organisation.

SPIDAR's Internet access is engineered for business

We have a range of options for business Internet access. Our services can be tailored for your business depending on:

  • the size of your business
  • the numbers of users
  • your hours of operation and;
  • the criticality of your Internet transactions

You can choose from either dedicated or contention based Internet connections (based on ADSL or SHDSL technology)- including your telecommuting executives. 

All Broadband Plans Feature:

  • Affordable Plans from $53.90 inc GST per month
  • ADSL or SHDSL Access
  • High Speed Access to 8Mbs
  • All Plans with Static IP
  • Business Grade Australian Support and SLA's

SLA 99.5%
Maximum Contention Ratio 80:1
Data Plans Flat Rate*
IP Addressing 1 Static
Shared Phone Line - Use the phone while online
In Contract Plan Adjustment Fee
Online Usage Reports
Account Payment Terms
Australia Wide
Minimum Contract Length 6 Months


Many business applications need to receive a great deal more information than they need to send. For these users the DSL of choice is ADSL (Asymmetric DSL).



The growth in inter-office business applications, converged solutions and hosting has resulted in the increased demand for reliable, cost effective symmetric broadband solutions. Traditionally, the provision of symmetric services has been through the use of leased line services. For these users the DSL of choice is SHDSL (Symmetric High Speed DSL).

* Additional miscellaneous charges apply.

Miscellaneous Charges
If service cancelled within 6 months $80.00
Fee to change the configuration of an end user access
(e.g.: if the ADSL line transmission rate increased or decreased or if end user’s session setup is changed)
Fee to carry out a manual full service qualification of a pair (in the absence of an order) $8.00


Given the low prices for ADSL, you no longer need to use dial up internet access. For example we can provide high speed (256/64k) ADSL broadband internet access at $49.95 a month.

The benefits are that you can use the one phone line for internet access and to speak at the same time. You do not need to pay to dial to access internet services each time you connect. Overall, it would work out about the same price (perhaps even cheaper).

For further information about ADSL access email us at For further information about Hotspots or setting up a hotspot at your venue email us at info@spidar.com.au.

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