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SPIDAR is connecting businesses around Australia using the latest technologies and services available in the country. SPIDAR have strategic alliances with the big names in communication to bring you quality services at competitive prices.

Our services include:

  • Hosting services (website & email)
  • Internet Access (ADSL broadband)
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Telephony Services
  • Telecommunication services
  • SMS services

This gives you a range of business communication options with the one supplier and a range of options to suit your different site needs from your smallest remote branch office to your corporate head-office and everyone travelling in between.



Given the low prices for ADSL, you no longer need to use dial up internet access. For example we can provide high speed (256/64k) ADSL broadband internet access at $49.95 a month.

The benefits are that you can use the one phone line for internet access and to speak at the same time. You do not need to pay to dial to access internet services each time you connect. Overall, it would work out about the same price (perhaps even cheaper).

For further information about ADSL access email us at For further information about Hotspots or setting up a hotspot at your venue email us at info@spidar.com.au.

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