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Website and Email hosting

The benefits of our hosting include:

  • Dedicated back-up connectivity and redundancies
  • 24-hour monitoring and maintenance
  • Top-notch enterprise security, and
  • performance-driven high-speed connectivity

Established hardware, software, and expertise

Our hosted sites are built on the latest server hardware and software technologies and support MySQL, SQL Server databases and CGI, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, numerous shopping cart applications, Java Web applications and dozens of other common capabilities.

Our hosting services are reliable and efficient and are designed to meet any budget or enterprise computing needs with the flexibility and security you require, to suit a variety of different budgets.

We offer a flexible portfolio of services from pre-configured packages that save you time and money to fully customized solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the most complex business.

Need help deciding what is the right level of hosting for you?

Email us to learn more about our custom tailored hosting plans.

Few companies have the time, resources or expertise to effectively build and manage their own Web infrastructures.

SPIDAR hosting can keep your site safe, stable, and available around the clock.



The SPIDAR iBurst™ service provides the next generation of broadband service. It delivers high speed wireless internet connectivity while you are on the move at prices that compare to fixed-line services.

With iBurst you can maintain your internet connection whether you are moving between offices or from one side of the city to the other. Assuming you are within the coverage area it will work in the office, at home, on the train, on the beach and everywhere in between!

Whether you need to maintain vital access to your corporate network, keep in touch with family and friends or just want to continue an online battle whilst on the move – now you can, without a wire tying you down to one spot.

For iBurst™ inquiries please email us at inquiries@spidar.com.au

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