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SPIDAR Voice Outbound VoIP service uses the latest technology of voice conversations over the internet. VoIP allows customers to use their broadband connection for both phone calls and computer connection to the internet. This means, you can use the same line to use the internet, send and receive emails, and connect your offices together.

SPIDARs VoIP service can cut costs significantly, even for companies with as few as two sites. In addition, with VoIP there is no need to replace your telephone system as our gateways simply plug into your existing PABX or Key System to offer a low cost alternative.

Our Outbound VoIP plan is ideal for businesses that are technologically advanced, want a flexible and scaleable system, have outgrown their PABX system, run and manage their own VPN system or wish to take the advantage of IP telephony technology.

Benefits/ Features


  • Free inter-office calls
  • Competitive call rates
  • Online usage reports
  • A single, predictable bill for all your communications
  • A fixed cost for your local, national and long distance
  • Scalable and flexible technology built for the future
  • Low upfront costs and no need to replace existing handsets
  • Save your business money with the latest user-friendly technology
  • No need for expensive on-site equipment (e.g. PABX system)
  • Low upfront costs


The SPIDAR iBurst™ service provides the next generation of broadband service. It delivers high speed wireless internet connectivity while you are on the move at prices that compare to fixed-line services.

With iBurst you can maintain your internet connection whether you are moving between offices or from one side of the city to the other. Assuming you are within the coverage area it will work in the office, at home, on the train, on the beach and everywhere in between!

Whether you need to maintain vital access to your corporate network, keep in touch with family and friends or just want to continue an online battle whilst on the move – now you can, without a wire tying you down to one spot.

For iBurst™ inquiries please email us at inquiries@spidar.com.au

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