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We provide professional web design services that are tailored for individual needs, featuring:

  • Clean, fast loading websites
  • Creative and impressive graphic design
  • Clear and organised layout and links, with user-friendly and professional interfaces
  • Eye-catching web animation  
  • Latest programming techniques for advanced web sites
  • Complete E-commerce solutions
  • Secure environments for online transaction

Website Maintenance 

After a web design project is completed, we provide you with two options for the maintenance of your web site:

1. We do it all for you. Simply tell us how you wish to update your web site and let us worry about the rest. The cost for updates is negotiable and depends on your requirements

2.  We provide you with simple manageable administrative interfaces that allows you to updaretechniques and teach you how to update the information on your web pages yourself.

Website Promotion

Search Engine Optimisation 

To enable Internet Search Engines to give your website a better ranking your website design must be optimised for the engines. In the past the inclusion of correctly formatted metatags was an important factor to getting a good ranking. Nowadays, metatags only play a small part in how well you are ranked. Other factors that can affect the ranking your web pages include layouts, actual content. 

the age of the site, length of time your domain has been registered, the age of the content, regularity with which new content is added, the age of link and reputation of linking sites and uniqueness of content.

There are also negative scoring for on-site factors such as a dampening for sites with extensive keyword meta tags indicative of having being optimised.

Search Engine Registration

You probably found our web site by visiting one of the major search engines or directories. Successful submission and high rankings on the search engines is not a simple task, which is why so many businesses online today are finding it hard getting visitors to their web sites, resulting in very few customers, low sales, and therefore failing online businesses.

You can have the most amazing web site with animation, video and sound, but if it's not structured and promoted properly, no one will find your web site on the internet. A web site needs to be designed and structured properly and made "search engine ready" i.e. lots of relevant text content, text links on your pages so that the search engines can navigate around the site, meta tags which include keywords and a detailed description about your web pages, alt tags which are keywords embedded in your web site images. There are many factors to consider.

For further information about Web Design, maintenance or marketing email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


The SPIDAR iBurst™ service provides the next generation of broadband service. It delivers high speed wireless internet connectivity while you are on the move at prices that compare to fixed-line services.

With iBurst you can maintain your internet connection whether you are moving between offices or from one side of the city to the other. Assuming you are within the coverage area it will work in the office, at home, on the train, on the beach and everywhere in between!

Whether you need to maintain vital access to your corporate network, keep in touch with family and friends or just want to continue an online battle whilst on the move – now you can, without a wire tying you down to one spot.

For iBurst™ inquiries please email us at inquiries@spidar.com.au

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