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10 benefits of using a SPIDAR Wireless hotspots

1.    Simplicity

Our simple web-based log-in process enables you to connect within a matter of seconds. SPIDAR Hotspots takes advantage of “IP Plug and Play technology”, which instantly recognises a new user and all relevant configurations, which means you should not need to adjust the settings or alter the configuration of their laptop or PDA.

2.    Low cost

The prices set by SPIDAR Hotspot operators are competitive and some of the hotspot operators offer the service for free or as part of their promotions for patrons or customers.

3.    Quick access

In less than the time it takes to make an Espresso, you could be flat out surfing the Internet or accessing your email while enjoying the services that SPIDAR Hotspot operators offer.

4.    High speed access

SPIDAR Hotspots offer High-speed Internet access.

5.    No restrictive agreements

SPIDAR Hotspots don’t require pre-subscription to a set Internet Service Provider. It is simple and easy to use.

6.    No pre-registration required

There are no contracts, minimum usage terms, monthly sign ups or any other cumbersome processes required for usage.

7.    No traffic usage costs

Unlike most other services, traffic usage is not charged, keeping the solution simple and easy to control.

8.    No credit card required

Credit card users are apprehensive about leaving credit card details for continued usage of a service, because of the risk of fraud. Some people don’t have credit cards.

9.    No pre-configuration required

SPIDAR hotspots don’t require customers to preconfigure there equipment. The built-in captive portal feature in our equipment automatically directs the customer to a secure login page. Once a user name and password is entered, the user is authenticated and can securely surf the Internet.

10.    Convenience

You can access your office remotely for maximum flexibility and productivity, enabling you to work in a comfortable environment, while you enjoy a coffee or lunch. You can also book your various SPIDAR Hotspot venues to conduct meetings and presentations.



Given the low prices for ADSL, you no longer need to use dial up internet access. For example we can provide high speed (256/64k) ADSL broadband internet access at $49.95 a month.

The benefits are that you can use the one phone line for internet access and to speak at the same time. You do not need to pay to dial to access internet services each time you connect. Overall, it would work out about the same price (perhaps even cheaper).

For further information about ADSL access email us at For further information about Hotspots or setting up a hotspot at your venue email us at info@spidar.com.au.

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