Don’t make the wrong choice

The wrong choice in hotspots at your venue can be an expensive and time wasting exercise. Problems faced by operators with some of our competitor’s hotspots are that typically:
1.    Competitors’ hotspots are costly and cumbersome to use
  • They usually require credit card details.
  • Require pre-registration
  • Rely on your customers to sign up for an account
  • Have minimum usage periods 
2.    The equipment they install can take up a lot of space.
3.    There is very little profit for you, if any. Our competitors’ equipment and ongoing costs are expensive, leaving very little room for making margin, if they offer you any.
4.    Competitors offer very little flexibility and tend to dictate the terms of use to you both to you and your customers.
5.    They do not offer a total solution that includes the hotspot solution, promotion and  marketing, with your business in mind. 
6.    Hotspot users can use the service at your venue without actually buying anything from you, as they are already pre-subscribed. As a  result, you may actually be losing business by using their hotspots.
7.    The services tend to be expensive to use and can be a deterrent for customers requiring a venue with a hotspot.


10 reasons to install a SPIDAR wireless hotpots at your venue

SPIDAR hotspots are one of Australia’s most convenient, easiest to operate and profitable wireless Internet access services. Some of the benefits to you are:

1. Increased revenue

All revenue derived from providing the service are kept by you. The SPIDAR hotspots have been designed to help you generate an additional source of income as well as make your venue more attractive to potential customers by providing your them with simple and affordable High speed wireless Internet access.

2. Attract more customers - If you operate a venue such as a café, service centre, restaurant, hotel or function centre, offering high-speed wireless Internet access will increase your appeal, especially to business users. Business people tend to be higher spenders, quick to adopt new technology and loyal customers.

3. Simple to operate

We understand that you have a business to run which is why our hotspots are the simplest and most convenient to operate. The service is automated and can be likened to using an automatic car wash – your customer simply pays for the time they want to spend and you give them a ticket with a password. That’s it! Like all great ideas, it’s simple to understand and easy to manage.

4.    Totally Flexible Charging Options

You know your business and your customers, so we have designed our system to be flexible and to suit you. You can set the terms, the pricing or even offer it free as a way of attracting more customers to your venue.

5.    Promotion and marketing

You can incorporate our hotspot service into your marketing and promotional offerings, not only to attract new business, but also to ensure repeat business. An example may be to offer free 10 min access with every purchase of coffee and cake, especially during the slower times of trade.

We provide marketing assistance:

  • The hotspot can be set up so that the first screen your customers see when they use the service promotes your business. An example may be your food menu.
  •  We provide promotional materials and signage for your location.
  • Promotion of your location as a wireless hotspot online and offline

6.    Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors

With a hotspot your competitors have an advantage over you. Starbucks, Gloria jeans' and McDonalds were some of the first cafes in Australia to provide access to internet hotspots for their customers. It has helped them to increase sales and attract customers that would not ordinarily have visited them. Through SPIDAR, you too, can now offer a hotspot to your customers.

7.    Low fixed cost

You start earning income from the service for the entire time that your customer spends using the service at your premises. They pay for the time they use. You don’t have to worry about how much they download or how much traffic they use. All you pay is fixed cost which works out to less than $8 a day.

8.    Designed with your business in mind

We have designed our hotspots not only from a technical perspective but also after much consultation from venue owners like you, who have told us what they want. We make it simple for you so you can focus on your business.

9.    Simple to install and requires very little space

We preconfigure the equipment and install it onsite at a time that suits you. The installation process is quick and simple. Our equipment incorporates some of the latest technology and takes up about as much space as a standard telephone. There isn’t any need for computers or other bulky equipment. The only visible piece of equipment is a small receipt printer, about ¼ of the size of a standard register.

10.    Encourage repeat business

Being one of the most convenient and affordable Hotspot services in Australia, your customers will want to return to your venue regularly, providing more opportunity to sell them your services.


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Given the low prices for ADSL, you no longer need to use dial up internet access. For example we can provide high speed (256/64k) ADSL broadband internet access at $49.95 a month.

The benefits are that you can use the one phone line for internet access and to speak at the same time. You do not need to pay to dial to access internet services each time you connect. Overall, it would work out about the same price (perhaps even cheaper).

For further information about ADSL access email us at For further information about Hotspots or setting up a hotspot at your venue email us at

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